Corporate governance


Aberdeen is committed to effective and transparent corporate governance in running its own business. We aim to be transparent in all our activities and reports and follow best practice in day to day operations.

Also, as an investor in global companies on behalf of clients around the world, we look for companies with financial strength and sound corporate governance practices in which to invest. Once invested, we exercise responsible ownership, in part by voting proxies, with a conviction that companies adopting best practices in corporate governance will be more successful in their core activities and deliver enhanced returns to shareholders.

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Product Governance and Fair Dealing

Aberdeen Asset Management Company Limited has implemented Fair Dealing Outcomes in order to prevent the miss-selling or inappropriate selling of financial products to investors at the pre-sales, point of sales, as well as post-sales processes. This would therefore require intermediaries to be in lined and complied with Fair Dealing Outcomes regulation that will be laying down effective monitoring system to ensure service quality of salepersons.

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