Monthly Investment Plan (MIP)

Investing can be confusing at the best of times, let alone when stock markets are volatile. A Monthly Investment Plan (MIP) can help you through the maze. By putting money into the market at regular intervals, you can build your portfolio in a disciplined and relatively stress-free way – and move closer to your financial goals.

Features of a Monthly Investment Plan

1. Minimum initial investment amount* of only 5,000 Baht. (Under ‘Start to invest project’ from SEC, minimum initial investment amount of Aberdeen Growth Fund (ABG) and Aberdeen Value Fund (ABV) is 1,000 baht.)
2. The monthly investment sum can be deducted by direct debit from your bank or CPF account(s).
3. Unit trusts are uniquely suitable for MIPs as they can be bought with fixed amounts, and at predetermined intervals.
4. You can decide when to start, or end your MIP* and there are usually no penalties incurred.
5. Amounts are determined individually depending on your personal financial situation and goals.
6. MIPs bring discipline to your investing.

*This may differ with each distributor and fund.

Speak to one of our distributors to find out more.