Aberdeen Standard Long Term Equity Fund 70/30

Investment Objective

The Fund will invest in equity or equity related securities of listed companies, at least 65% and not more than 70% of its NAV, in average, in any accounting period. The rest will be invested, domestically or abroad, in debt instruments issued by government, state enterprise and private sector and/or cash deposits and/or securities and/or other assets and/or investing for profit by other means as allowed for investment of a long term equity fund, in accordance with the notifications of the SEC, the CMSB or the Office of the SEC. However, such investment shall not have net exposure in equity or equity related securities less than 65 % of its NAV, in any accounting period. The Fund may invest in non- investment grade, unrated securities and unlisted securities. The Fund will not invest in structured note. In case of the offshore investment not more than 30% of its NAV, the Fund may invest in derivatives instruments for currency hedging upon the discretion of the fund manager.