Aberdeen Standard Income Creation Fund

Investment Objective

The fund will invest in securities or assets as permitted by the SEC to be invested by a fixed income mutual fund by investing in fixed income instruments issued by government sector and/or bank deposits and/or corporate bonds/fixed income instruments with bonds/instrument or issuer credit rating of investment grade at the time of investment or the bonds/instruments being certified, availed, endorsed or guaranteed by a person rated as investment grade at the time of investment and such person shall unconditionally certify , fully avail , endorse with full recourse and no limit of liability , unconditionally guarantee the full amount of the principal and interest thereof. The fund may also engage in securities lending, repurchase agreement, derivatives or structured note or invest in or hold other securities or assets or seek benefits by other means as permitted by the Office of the SEC.

Manager's Monthly Report

View our Manager’s Monthly Factsheet to access information including performance, top holdings and sector weightings.