Company Background

About Aberdeen Group

Dedicated to doing one thing well.

After a decade in which complexity, over-engineering and a lack of transparency almost led to the downfall of the global banking system, people want financial expertise they can see, that they can understand. People are rightly seeking out skilled practitioners who focus tirelessly on what they do best.

So at Aberdeen, asset management is our sole focus. With over 2,000 staff in 24 countries, our group mission is to deliver superior asset performance and exemplary client service, through consistent active management processes across diverse asset classes.

Our approach to achieve performance from our funds is open and straightforward. No black boxes, no short cuts. Simply asset management.

Aberdeen in Thailand

Aberdeen Asset Management Company Limited (“Aberdeen”) is part of the “Aberdeen Group” which consists of UK’s Aberdeen Asset Management PLC and Aberdeen’s main shareholder, Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited, which is based in Singapore.

Aberdeen is a licensed mutual fund, private fund, provident fund as well as property fund management company.